New website online!

Oktober 14, 2010

Welcome on my new website! Hope you like it sofar. I'll be changing and adding things the next weeks (see the todo section). But right now it shows the important things already.

Interview IT-service magazine

Oktober 8, 2010

Try to get your hands on the new edition of IT-service magazine ! It contains an interview with me about the master thesis.

Master thesis finished!

June 16, 2010

Today I finished my master thesis project. You can download it here. This research was motivated by the observation that many organizations (especially government organizations) are very good at buying products. But the tools used for buying products, are not compatible for the aqcuisition of open source software. For instance, open source programs do not have a vendor. This makes asking for a quote pretty hard. They are gratis. But how about the services? And comparing requirements with program features makes no sense. Since open source programs can be altered to include some if not all the requirements. So the thesis answers the following questions:

The answers come in the form of design principles that organizations can use to change the way the acquire software.

NOiV congress

March 18, 2010

The NOiV congress is a yearly event were people from the Dutch government and open source community meet. This year I was there aswell. See the NOiV site for an overview. In 2011 the event will be held on the 24th of March.

The inclusion of FLOSS in neutral tactical purchasing of software.

Oktober 31, 2009

Currently I'm preparing research on the inclusion of FLOSS in neutral tactical purchasing of software.

Much is known about the adoption of FLOSS. Literature states for instance reasons, trends and factors that influence the adoption. However when comparing procurement practices with the FLOSS phenomenon one can see several incompatibilities.

These incompatibilities, the practical relevance of this subject and the gap in literature about FLOSS procurement give more than enough reason to warrant research into the following research questions: